Our Commitment:

Taking care of and ensuring your health is our reason for being. Therefore, we remain at the forefront of scientific and technological advances, making it possible for health professionals to have the best tools to provide you with first-class personalized care.


Be internationally recognized for best practices and clinical and service excellence by continuously improving processes and satisfying the needs of those we serve


Be the most trusted and best source of high quality hospital services internationally









Our philosophy in which our patients and colleagues are the most important people and we strive to take care of them in every detail


Medical Tourism:

We are recognized nationally and internationally as the best hospital in the region.We have highly trained staff to attend to our international patients, following the highest service standards
During the last years, Costa Rica has become a tourist destination of great importance worldwide and we are an important part of that transformation, since we offer first-class care at all stages of the medical treatment we provide to our patients.

What sets us apart?

Impeccable coordination and logistics before, during and after the required procedures.

First-world facilities and operating rooms equipped with the most advanced technology.

Companionship and guidance of bilingual professionals