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Did you know?

Did you know that after applying the SARS CoV2 booster vaccines, antibodies improve the neutralization effect against the Omicron variant?

One of the goals of vaccines is to produce neutralizing antibodies against viruses. A new published study confirms how the antibodies produced by booster vaccines against SARS CoV2, improve the neutralization effect against the new variant of this virus.

Did you know that elective abdominal wall hernia surgery should be avoided on patients who actively smoke?

Scaring is affected by smoking. Scientific literature shows that smoking has been associated with increased risk of wound infection, major operative complications, readmission, and hernia recurrence. The American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons released 2020 guidelines and recommends avoiding elective surgery until a patient ceases smoking.

Did you know that the daily consumption of vegetables of different colors is another cancer prevention strategy?

The 2020 Diet and Physical Activity Guidelines for Cancer Prevention, the American Cancer Association, insists on the importance of consuming a vegetable, legumes and fruits with different colors every day. Other recommendations include whole grain products and reducing the consumption of red and processed meat.

Did you know that 150 minutes of physical activity moderate intensity per week is a cancer prevention strategy?

The American Cancer Society released 2020 guidelines of diet and physical activity for cancer prevention. For Adults, they recommend 75 to 150 minutes of vigorous physical activity or 150-350 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity per week. Children should have at least 1 hour of activity daily. Other strategies include limiting electronic entertainment and avoiding a sedentary […]

Did you know that fever is the most common symptom in children with the systemic inflammatory response syndrome associated with COVID-19?

Both the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health in the United Kingdom and the World Health Organization concur that 100% of pediatric patients with COVID-19 present with a fever of 24 hours or more.  If your child has a fever during this time of pandemic, it is best to get him or her tested […]

Did you know why the reduction in ability to taste (hypogeusia) and the loss of the olfactory sense (anosmia) are viewed as alarm signals for COVID-19?

In a region in France patients diagnosed with COVID-19 were asked to fill out a questionnaire with reported symptoms. 32% of them confirmed that hypogeusia and anosmia were new symptoms.  In the paper the authors assert that these symptoms are caused because SAR-CoV2 has the ability to invade the olfactory nerves.

Did you know that coronavirus is responsible for 10-15% of all common cold infections?

The common cold is a mild or moderately mild upper-respiratory tract infection cause by approximately 200 different viruses. These viruses are members of the Rhinovirus family and are responsible for 30-50% of all common colds, of which coronaviruses are responsible for 10-15% of the total. Coronavirus 2019-nCoV was first isolated in pneumonia patients in China […]