We want to be part of one of the most important moments of your life, pregnancy and the birth of your baby.

Preparation course for childbirth
Delivery packages:
  • Natural child birth in delivery room (with or without epidural)
  • Natural child birth in patient room (with or without epidural)
  • Caesarean section
  • Prepaid option for delivery
  • Attach early in the first hour of life in recovery rooms and immediate postpartum (mom and dad kangaroo)
  • Care before, during and after delivery by nurses specialized in obstetrics
  • Breastfeeding clinic: advice and treatment of complications in breastfeeding
  • Education for the mother in the process of extraction and storage of breast milk, positioning of the baby and breastfeeding techniques
  • Neonatal, cardiac, auditory and metabolic screening
  • Free assessment by obstetric nurse prior to the start of labor
  • Single and multiple Fetal monitoring
  • Mother and baby joint accommodation
  • Guidance on the vaccination schedule
  • RH group and vaccines for the newborn
  • Patient and baby follow-up by nurses with specialty in obstetrics

To make your experience more pleasant during your delivery, you receive:

  • Free parking for the companion
  • Dinner for the companion
  • Welcome kit that includes a coat for mom, blanket for the newborn, clothing for the newborn, and a package of promotional items, among others
For more information please contact us and we will expand any other detail
800-BABY CIMA (800-2229-2462)

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