Medical Staff


Hospital CIMA works with more than 800 licensed, credentialed physicians across more than 65 medical specialties and sub-specialties. Many have advanced medical designations earned in Costa Rica and internationally. Physicians are regularly reviewed by the hospital to ensure they meet the high standards for which the hospital is known. For patients who need language assistance, many of our physicians speak English, including all the physicians who are designated for international patients, and many speak other languages, including Portuguese, Hebrew, German, Italian and others. Our physician directory is your starting point where you can choose the physician that is best for you.

Our Nurses

Hospital CIMA is committed to providing exceptional nursing care through the effective use of resources, advanced training and education, and clinical practice. Our nurses are selected from leading universities and have strong clinical experience. More than 30% of our nurses are specialists in areas such as intensive care, psychiatry, obstetrics, neonatal, pediatrics, dialysis, cath lab, open heart surgery, and advanced life support. Whether they work in a specialty unit or another area of the hospital, the needs of our patients are best met through personalized, compassionate care, and the feedback we receive from patients is both our challenge and reward in knowing that we meet the high standards of nursing care to which we hold ourselves.